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Too glam to give a damn

Too glam to give a damn

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This post’s title pretty much sums up my mood right about now. I never new that ‘ugh’could be a mood but it is. It’s where you feel a little sick but still have stuff to do, you might need to have a shower but you’re so sick and displeased with everything and it’s just ‘ugh’. ‘Ugh’ is actually my resting feeling, ‘ugh’ is pretty much me 24/7. People always say “OMG! You look so sad/angry/ticked off, what’s the matter,” this happens so often that I’ve just adapted this technique of pretending that someone annoyed me when I’m really just in ‘ugh’ mode. Apparently I look angry all the time but I’m not really. Well I am but it’s probably because of something stupid; like putting my slippers on the wrong feet.

This post is quite ridiculous but my ‘ugh’ situation is a real problem. If anyone has felt ‘ugh’ before then please leave a comment! I think it might evolve to RBF (Resting…female dog Face).

I don’t know how to end this soooo…..BAI! ^-^

p.s. I never actually look as happy as this —> ^-^

Fairy Tail

fairy_tail_logoΒ Soooooooooooo….yo? Okay so I’m gonna be totally honest, I was binge-watching Fairy Tail on the day that I was supposed to put up a new blog post. Heheheh… sorry. After discovering the wonder of Fairy Tail, I decided that the only logical decision was to make a post about it.

The first episode of Fairy Tail didn’t really strike me as interesting but after that I noticed that it is actually quite cool! I will happily say that Gray is my favourite character πŸ‘ŒNatsu comes in second and then Kageyama. I know Kageyama is only is like 3 episodes but he reminds me of Shikamaru from Naruto.

I’m only up to episode 30 so I know a bit about each of the characters. One thing I don’t understand is Loke. Like what???? I tried to think of the possibilities of why he is TERRIFIED of celestial wizards, I got nothing. Also who is that woman (who I assume is a celestial wizard) that keeps appearing as a shadow behind him and starts mumbling stuff?

I don’t mind Loke but this irritates me. I don’t know what else to say, I’ll probably make another post once I watch more.

Happy Reading!


Panic -Serious Talk-

Fears, all people have them; whether they accept them or hide them. I’m scared of the usual things: spiders, heights, falling. The title of this post was from a blog prompt (link at bottom of this post) and it may seem a little detached from fears. Yes, being in fear causes panic but I meanΒ true panic. The prompt for this really resonates with me as I often have panic attacks, the things that I’m addressing are fears I’m trying to get over. This may seem boring (which I’m sure it is for anyone reading) but I have never spoke to anyone about these fears before. I’m really only writing to the tumbleweed in my view list so there Isn’t anyone to bore. Anyways, onto the list:

It’s juvenile, but I am terrified of the dark. It’s not so much as darkness but more of the unknown. I strongly believe in spirits and ghosts; my friends and I have seen to many to pretend that they don’t exist. When I’m in the dark, I can’t see what’s hiding and that terrifies me to my very soul. I’m writing this post relatively late and there is a hallway leading off of my bedroom, I can happily say that I do not appreciate the hallway. If I’m with other people it’s fine, because I have people around me to keep me safe. Otherwise, terrified.

Embarrassment; this one makes me seem like a total loser but every time I get embarrassed, I freak out. Maybe it’s the thought of people judging me; I’ve never really known. But sure enough, whenever a situation arises where I am posed to look dumb, uneducated or weak; I collapse internally. Usually I just hide my face and try to breathe but I have cried a few times. Onto the next…

An incredibly serious topic: death and existentialism. Whenever someone used to say the word “death” or Β “dead” I would begin to hyperventilate. It’s gotten better but the other day in self defense we were learning about respect and not harming people. The instructor began asking if any of our pets had been put down. Saying that when we left them was the last moment that we would ever see them and so on. He was talking for about 10 minutes and the whole time I couldn’t breathe. My throat was dry, tears were burning my eyes and I was shaking. I must have looked strange because my friend kept asking me if I was ok. I stood up, made a joke, threw back my head and laughed; like usual. That was the worst 10 minutes of my life.

The future: I always tell people that I want to be an architect. The truth is that I want to be an actress, an author, a youtuber (yes, that is my dream) and so much more. I have my whole future planned but what I want is impossible to achieve. My dream isn’t going to get me a house and allow me to sustain a family. I’m a maladaptive daydreamer, so I often get lost in my thoughts and often image what the future will be. When I realise that it wont happen I break down.

That’s it for that. I realized that this will make me seem strange but that’s ok. Anyway, I would just like to quickly talk about something that has been irking me lately. Whenever I begin to have a panic attack, I usually listen to music or distract my thought process by going on Pinterest. Whenever I pull out my phone, I am immediately labelled as “antisocial”. It is a word that is too commonly used. People just say “antisocial” because it is what you’re supposed to say…right? Wrong. Some people just get genuinely bored or are uncomfortable with a situation. Getting out your phone is the same as turning away from a situation, except when people turn away they aren’t called “antisocial”. Try to engage the “antisocial” person in conversation, if they still hint that they don’t want to talk: leave them alone. It’s that simple.

This post has been a bit too serious for my liking and I promise that the next posts will be more light-hearted. The prompt just really got me thinking. If anyone reading suffers anxiety or is is just intrigued by the topic, please feel free to leave a comment. If you didn’t like the post; please leave a comment on how i could improve in the future. I appreciate constructive criticism.




via Daily Prompt: Panic

Hello Everyone

Well hello there! As you can see, this is the first post I am adding to my derp-site of a blog. Throughout the publication of the blog, I am going to try my hardest to make quality content…as I say this I realize that’s probably a lie. As much as I’d like to say that everything I post is worthwhile and knowledgeable content, I feel like it’s going to be more of a cluster of random stuff. Anyway, I hope that mentioned cluster has some small amount of quality that appeals to my readers. Happy reading!


Mr J

So, for my first legitimate post I have decided to address a very important matter…. the Suicide Squad! Before you begin reading, know that there are heaps of spoilers for the movie in here. Okay, so i watched Suicide Squad about 2 weeks ago and I’m still fangirling over it. The characters were portrayed so well and I can’t get over how incredible Jared Leto was as the Joker. I would easily rate it a 10 out of 10.

I probably sound really dumb but I burst into tears when i thought that the Joker died. I was seated next to a couple of ‘true lads’ and they kept giving me weird looks… thanks random guys for killing my vibes. After finally getting over my mortal turmoil, Rick Flag showed up and decided to shoot everyone in the feels. The before-mentioned lads became very emotional and it was my turn to judge them. I know your secret lads, you’re just as fan-girlish/boyish as the rest of us.

I could continue to ramble on for pages but I don’t want to bore the tumbleweed and ghosts in my feed.

Happy Reading!!

~Alie πŸ˜›

p.s. don’t mind the picture, i couldn’t find one that wouldn’t get me slammed with copyright laws.


The wind is the world’s biggest pervert.

So, a little back fill for everyone… at the school I go to, we have to wear uniforms. Both the summer and winter uniforms have skirts (well the summer uniform is a dress but whatever.) and our school is full of hallways. What else is like a hallway…oh yeah; a wind tunnel. Even though all the girls wear bike shorts, no-one wants to flash the world every three seconds!

Right now you’re probably thinking “what even?” but I just feel like people need to understand the pain that we go through.

Okay, this post is really just me ranting about our school being a giant wind tunnel. The story behind this post is as follows: so, the other day I was just standing around, minding my own business. When this guy that I “mildly dislike” came up and started annoying me, obviously the wind thought “you shouldn’t be allowed to socialize, peasant.” Then BAM Marilyn Monroe and I made eye contact with the guy like; “we can never speak again.” I honestly feel like the architect who designed our school is just a major troll.

Anyway, feel free to leave a comment on how I can make this and future posts better; I’m open to friendly criticism.


Please ignore the post image; I didn’t know what to put there.

Also, I didn’t come up with the title; I stole it fro my friend….sorrynotsorry

//This post was altered after publication\\\


Attack On Feelings

So I was supposed to update a week ago…heheh sorry.

Ok! Listen up homeslices, if you haven’t read or watched Attack On Titan you need to do so! I highly recommend.There will be spoilers.

I’ve just read the latest issue and I have come to the sudden realization that Hajime Isayama looks suspiciously like Levi…this has lead me to believe that maybe Levi will be the last person standing. I kinda brushed it aside until i read the last 5 pages and !!!SPOILER!!! Jean dies!!!! What the actual heck?! This killed me and I realised that maybe my theory is true? On the back of each issue, there is a picture of the main squad members. After someone dies, they don’t appear on the next issue back…maybe the squad portrait is there so eventually no-one is there?! I don’t know what I’ve done but if Armin dies then I’m going to implode.

Sorry if this post was terrible, I didn’t know what to do. If you have any theories for AOT then please leave a comment. As well as any ships (this blog is equipped with a dock for any ships).

Happy Reading


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