This post’s title pretty much sums up my mood right about now. I never new that ‘ugh’could be a mood but it is. It’s where you feel a little sick but still have stuff to do, you might need to have a shower but you’re so sick and displeased with everything and it’s just ‘ugh’. ‘Ugh’ is actually my resting feeling, ‘ugh’ is pretty much me 24/7. People always say “OMG! You look so sad/angry/ticked off, what’s the matter,” this happens so often that I’ve just adapted this technique of pretending that someone annoyed me when I’m really just in ‘ugh’ mode. Apparently I look angry all the time but I’m not really. Well I am but it’s probably because of something stupid; like putting my slippers on the wrong feet.

This post is quite ridiculous but my ‘ugh’ situation is a real problem. If anyone has felt ‘ugh’ before then please leave a comment! I think it might evolve to RBF (Resting…female dog Face).

I don’t know how to end this soooo…..BAI! ^-^

p.s. I never actually look as happy as this —> ^-^