fairy_tail_logo Soooooooooooo….yo? Okay so I’m gonna be totally honest, I was binge-watching Fairy Tail on the day that I was supposed to put up a new blog post. Heheheh… sorry. After discovering the wonder of Fairy Tail, I decided that the only logical decision was to make a post about it.

The first episode of Fairy Tail didn’t really strike me as interesting but after that I noticed that it is actually quite cool! I will happily say that Gray is my favourite character 👌Natsu comes in second and then Kageyama. I know Kageyama is only is like 3 episodes but he reminds me of Shikamaru from Naruto.

I’m only up to episode 30 so I know a bit about each of the characters. One thing I don’t understand is Loke. Like what???? I tried to think of the possibilities of why he is TERRIFIED of celestial wizards, I got nothing. Also who is that woman (who I assume is a celestial wizard) that keeps appearing as a shadow behind him and starts mumbling stuff?

I don’t mind Loke but this irritates me. I don’t know what else to say, I’ll probably make another post once I watch more.

Happy Reading!