So, for my first legitimate post I have decided to address a very important matter…. the Suicide Squad! Before you begin reading, know that there are heaps of spoilers for the movie in here. Okay, so i watched Suicide Squad about 2 weeks ago and I’m still fangirling over it. The characters were portrayed so well and I can’t get over how incredible Jared Leto was as the Joker. I would easily rate it a 10 out of 10.

I probably sound really dumb but I burst into tears when i thought that the Joker died. I was seated next to a couple of ‘true lads’ and they kept giving me weird looks… thanks random guys for killing my vibes. After finally getting over my mortal turmoil, Rick Flag showed up and decided to shoot everyone in the feels. The before-mentioned lads became very emotional and it was my turn to judge them. I know your secret lads, you’re just as fan-girlish/boyish as the rest of us.

I could continue to ramble on for pages but I don’t want to bore the tumbleweed and ghosts in my feed.

Happy Reading!!

~Alie 😛

p.s. don’t mind the picture, i couldn’t find one that wouldn’t get me slammed with copyright laws.