So I was supposed to update a week ago…heheh sorry.

Ok! Listen up homeslices, if you haven’t read or watched Attack On Titan you need to do so! I highly recommend.There will be spoilers.

I’ve just read the latest issue and I have come to the sudden realization that Hajime Isayama looks suspiciously like Levi…this has lead me to believe that maybe Levi will be the last person standing. I kinda brushed it aside until i read the last 5 pages and !!!SPOILER!!! Jean dies!!!! What the actual heck?! This killed me and I realised that maybe my theory is true? On the back of each issue, there is a picture of the main squad members. After someone dies, they don’t appear on the next issue back…maybe the squad portrait is there so eventually no-one is there?! I don’t know what I’ve done but if Armin dies then I’m going to implode.

Sorry if this post was terrible, I didn’t know what to do. If you have any theories for AOT then please leave a comment. As well as any ships (this blog is equipped with a dock for any ships).

Happy Reading